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SR-22 InsuranceAn SR-22 is a document that shows proof of your financial responsibility.  If you're caught driving without insurance, you'll be required to carry an SR-22 for a specified period of time, normally three years.  This normally occurs after a DWI, DUI, serious moving violation, at fault accidents (without insurance), repeated traffic offenses in a short time period, license suspension or revocation.

An SR-22 is filed with the state to prove that you carry car insurance for a specified period of time, similar to a probationary period.  You must carry continuous coverage for this time period, and if your policy is lapsed or suspended, the insurance company will immediately notify the state, and your license will be suspended.  Many states have a minimum amount of coverage that must be maintained with an SR-22 status.

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Get local and friendly service when it comes to auto and home insurance.

If you live in the Niles, Warren Ohio community or the surrounding then we are looking to service your insurance needs. By working directly with an experienced agent you ensure that you will have the coverage you need when the time comes.

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We offer personalized service when it comes to choosing the insurance coverage you need. It's almost like having Flo personally help you.

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Violet Miller Gizdic

Miller Family Insurance covers needs of Niles, Girard, McDonald, Mineral Ridge, Warren and surrounding areas. We offer personalized service when it comes to choosing home and auto insurance, along with your other coverage needs.

With our staffs 34 plus years of property and casualty insurance industry experience we are confident we can fill your coverage needs. Your trust and faith are of the utmost importance to us.

Violet Miller Gizdic

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